Confessions of a navy wife.

Love is Trading your Pearls for his Dog Tags.

Oh My Tumblr!

Let’s begin with the biggest most sincerest apology ever for my longest hiatus ever.


Lately I’ve begun following the MILSO (Military Significant Other) on instagram… holy Moly.
Soooooo many misconceptions of what it’s like to be a military significant other.
#1. Being MILSO is not romantic when your hub is deployed
Why you may ask?
Well you’re too busy with everything else,
You become the housekeeper,
Laundry woman,
Dog taker outer,
Chef…to name a few.

#2. When your SO deploys you will not get the following on a regular basis:
Emails, texts, Facebook messages.
Letters etc…

Okay well maybe some special SOs Will, but if you’re a special forces, special ops, your chances are close to none.

#3. No wearing your husbands uniform is not cute!
It’s actually against government policies.

Most of these females think it’s going to be like something out of dear john. It’s quite the opposite.

I love my husband, but the military life style is not a walk in the park, it’s more of a sprint.

Confession number 27

  • <p dir=ltr> My tumbles, I'm so sorry for my sudden hiatus. Unintentional I promise. <br>
  • I feel like this summer was a test to see how much I would put up with what the Navy had to throw at us. <br>
  • it's been beyond difficult. <br>
  • I've had to deal with financial struggles, losing &amp; finding jobs. <br>
  • Wondering what I would have to do to keep a roof over my head, &amp; on top of everything, medical issues. <br>
  • It's been rough. <br>
  • You know what they say about in-laws&amp; not liking their kids spouse?<br>
  • That's sort of true lol,<br>
  • Mine were waiting on me to just walk out &amp; give up, &amp; yet months later I'm still here. <br>
  • I didn't give up.<br>
  • &amp; though I continue to live this crazy life alone, I'm holding up the best way I know how. <br>
  • (: </p>
  • <p dir=ltr> I promise I'll get back in the groove of things. :) <br>
  • Thank you so much for those woo actively follow. <br>
  • </p>
Happy Labor Day everyone! 
Let&#8217;s not forget out military personnel who don&#8217;t have the holiday off &amp; continue to stand guard. 

To my husband; I love you bubby! Can&#8217;t wait until you come home!

Happy Labor Day everyone!
Let’s not forget out military personnel who don’t have the holiday off & continue to stand guard.

To my husband; I love you bubby! Can’t wait until you come home!

Confession 25; I&#8217;m afraid to sleep- i woke up to this &amp; I&#8217;m starting to believe my dog is actually a werewolf.

Confession 25; I’m afraid to sleep- i woke up to this & I’m starting to believe my dog is actually a werewolf.

Confession 24

I’ve always been a huge fan of Angelina Jolie,
As a kid I loved the movie tomb raider & recently the movie Salt.

The fact that she was always the good guy super hero Wonder Woman kind of character was probably the reason why I always admired her.

Confession 24; I want to be a bad ass girl like the ones Angelina Jolie so often plays. Hsha!(:

Confession 23

My doggy has fleas :(

No one told me fleas in Washington were like butterfly’s in the park.

I’ve gone as far as shaving my pup, bathing her, & combing her out with a flea brush. On top of that I’ve been told by a few coworkers that borax works wonders on carpets, so I let borax settle in my carpets overnight, vacuumed them 6 times, & sprayed vinegar along every crack & crevice house wide.

I’ve been doing everything I could think of (everything google suggested) to avoid having a major flea outbreak or infestation & to keep it as pet friendly as possible.

In hoping my efforts pay off!

Confession 23; I’m the biggest germaphobe, pestaphobe, fleaaphobe, anything-crawly-aphobe, with a side of major cleanliness CDO

Any thing else i should try?

Confession 22

Oh tumblr can I be completely honest?
I’m so incredibly excited to see more followers daily!
Y’all are amazing <3
Thank you thank you thank you!
I’m curious do y’all have questions?

Tehe for Confession 22 … I’d love to answer questions!
Any! Within reason of course :)
Ill be 100% honest!
pinky promise!

Confession 21

My black fins died today :(
My apartment got too warm & temperature fluctuated now I have two dead black fin catfish:(

Confession 21; I lack a sea thumb.

Rest In Aquatic paradise Milo & Bruce

Confession 20

Making friends….

By the far the most difficult thing I’ve come across living up here.

You have the girls that let you hear what they know you want to hear; “Yeah Yeah, definitely call me when you want to hang out! I’m always free!”
The complimenters “omg you’re so pretty! We should hang out sometime!”
The snooty veteran wives “….humph…”
The “OMG WE’RE BEST FRIENDS!” & never return calls or texts.
The list goes on…

Is it hard to be real?
I mean I really don’t think keeping plans is that difficult, or even just being friendly!

I’ve always been a bubbly person, I love meeting new people, & I’m never one to judge anyone before actually meeting them.

I have however come across some very real girls, some that I can consider friends.
I have the everyday up for anything workout friend, the drunk, the friend that will advice you about anything under the sun, the friend whose motherly, & the friend whose like your long lost sister.

Slowly but surely I’m making progress! lol :)

Confession 20, even though its really easy to hide under a blanket all day & come out when I need to. Ill make friends! Girl dates are by far more fun!